Cock-a-Doodle DON’T

Don’t cross the road. And other essential advice.

Buc cut bushes
Taking a little off the top

BUC and I had a little chat today while I was trimming his bushes.


“Why don’t you ever cross the road?” I asked.

He answered with a metallic stare.

He was probably thinking, “I like it over here.”  Or, “Was that a trick question?”

Speaking of Don’ts:

  • Don’t leave your entire Blondie LP collection in the hatchback of your AMC Pacer.
  • Don’t confuse the Cinnamon container for the Paprika one. Or vice versa. (Worst pork tenderloin EVER. Worst cinnamon toast EVER.)
  • Don’t refer to your husband’s undergarments as ‘panties’.
  • Don’t drink and draw.
  • Don’t brush your teeth in the car.
  • Don’t read The Tell-Tale Heart during a lightning storm when your husband is traveling on business; then call him after the electricity is out to tell him you can’t sleep.
DON’T say you want eggs with a pool party for your birthday, when you mean you’d like to eat brunch, then relax at the pool.


And for the record…

Don’t get caught talking to your metal chicken in the front yard.