My First Year in Pollo-ticks (See what I did there?)

Rock the Vote, Y’all

One way to get to know your neighbors is to volunteer for a committee on the Homeowners Board of Directors. And use your red-yellow-blue-black yard art as your platform.

Here’s the intro to my campaign letter to the neighbors:

Who is this new-ish neighbor?
What does she think she has to offer the Board of Directors?
When she threw her hat in the election ring, what was she thinking?
Where do our minds meet?
Why is there a metal chicken in her yard?

I went on to state I knew nothing about the current organization but was hoping to scrub in and help. I closed my getting to know you flyer with something like…

When you feel blue, just drive (slowly) past our place, and have a look.
Hopefully BUC makes you smile. Don’t worry. There won’t be
more yard art.
We are, after all, in [exact location redacted]. If
we run out of  conversation starters, here’s a few phrases about me:
    Girl Scout. Dog Mom. Recovering Apiarist. Former Ballroom Dancer.
   Community Activist. Ohio Farm Kid. Wife of a Hopelessly Romantic Sailor.
Looking forward to seeing you at the HOA meeting Wednesday night.

They haven’t thrown me off the board yet. But it’s early.Vote signonly