Getting Chickened, Again.

Yes. That’s a Thing.

I like to refer to the place where my metal chicken is installed as a “Gated Community”.

One February morning I was hauling out the recycling and was startled by THIS intruder.

Someone’s a giver. A Chicken Giver.

“FREEZE!  And no one gets hurt!” I blurted, double-handed gun fingers aimed perfectly at his comb. He knew I meant business.

Whoever put this fairly handsome metal rooster inside my gate, staring right at BUC got my attention and obviously shares my sense of humor.

Hey! Hey! (or, Hei Hei)


A week later, ← THIS one showed up.  For those of us who don’t speak Mãori, or “Disney” this is HeiHei,   (say ‘hay hay’) Moana’s interruption; comic relief; chicken.

Looks like HeiHei woke up on top of my car after a  roofie-riddled night out.  Lucky for HeiHei, he came out of his fog near a potential ally, the not-so-free-range big ugly chicken.

The Chickens Plot Thickens.

Sorry. That flew off my keypad faster than “but wait. there’s more”.glittereggwide arrow

On Easter weekend, the culprit(s) returned.  BUC had been “egged”.  Chocolate? Nope. Deviled? Nah. Not over easy either.  Full-on Easter-Bunny-Glitter-Fancy Egged.

As of the writing of this post, the whodunit remains unsolved.  Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with the Candlestick?  (Fact: I.Will.Play.Clue.ANY. DAY. And I regularly use my favorite 1987 Parker Brothers board game to haze my out-of-town guests.)

BUC’s human buddies have a storied past of sending him Alloy Allies — or Poultry of Precious Metal Competition. Heretofore BUC has not taken up rooster fighting. You know, because he’s a Lover.

Roosters. The Gifts that keep Giving.

Here’s a gift from Betsy. Meet 1950’s cast iron Flat Stanley.

betsy flat stanley
Flat Stanley




Rain Beau



This is Rain Beau from Lori & Ed.



Chicken Little, from my BFF.

chklittlebypool raw
Chicken Little
chickenlittle cropped
Stop Thief!


←Here, Maureen tries to make off with him.




Kitchen Chicken


Brandon gave me this one for my kitchen. He used to have a partner, but it encountered an unfortunate end while I was trying to cook something.


flamingo christine
Fa-La-La-La-La Flamingo


Christine… Ah. Close enough. Sweet Avian Contribution.






What else can I say to you fellow weirdos, but… thanks for contributing to the gift shoppe economy?